What our Clients Say

- Anonymous I came to Neurofeedback with depression, anxiety, concerns with medications and self, and because I was medicating with marijuana. Since training with Neurofeedback I am off my anti-depressants, I have reduced anxiety and depression, off marijuana and I have increased resilience. I was skeptical at first, but after research, I took the plunge. Wow!! Neurofeedback is amazing. So many positive outcomes without pills (Dr prescribed medications). Neurofeedback maintains the good 'mindset.
- Anonymous I am able to sleep better. My school (uni) work has improved. I’m able to focus and do more in a shorter time than before. I do not get easily stressed like I used to. My emotions easily adjust. I enjoy the fact that I do not have to say anything like in the ‘usual’ counselling sessions, yet I’ve had tremendous results.
- Anonymous I had been suffering from anxiety and depression, and I saw a close family member who had been training with Neurofeedback, go from drinking ½ a carton of beer, to drinking nothing. Watched that person totally released, and thought I’ve got to have some of that. I now sleep better, have more awareness and feeling relaxed. Big changes in my music playing as well. Sad things are still there, but they don’t make me as stressed.
- Grace I suffered from Post Natal Depression with both of my children. With my 1st child, I went on anti-depressants for 6 months, which helped me to a point, but while I was on the medication I aways felt flat and apathetic. When my 2nd child came along I made the decision that I didn't want to be medicated again. I went to a psychologist for a while but was not making much progess with her. I was always so impatient and angry, especially with my children. I didn't want to make them into angry children too, so I decided to give Neurofeedback a go. Two of my brothers had tried Neurofeedback with great success, so I felt confident that it could help me too. At first I wasn't sure the NFB was helping or doing anything much at all. I made the decision to stick with it, thinking that 'if all it's doing is letting me it down on my own & listen to music for an hour, then it's worth it!' But, after a few more sessions I realised that I was able to cope with things without getting angry or overwhelmed. I would no longer cry at the drop of a hat, I was no longer feeling so overwhelmed by day-to-day lift. I feel so confident in the benefits of NFB that I have recommended it to many of my friends and family members
- Jan As a mother I have seen the amazing results of the natural transformation process on my son who had many problems. I cannot give enough thanks to all concerned and would encourage this wonderful technology to those who have tried other methods to no avail
- Jenny A few years ago I was suffering from depression and general lack of self esteen due to a troubled past. John Thompson told me about Neurofeedback. I was very sceptical but thought I'd try it. I said to John that I wanted out of NFB was to be the best that I could be. I was adamant it wasn't working for me because there was no pain, no scare tactics, nothing but relaxation and listening to nice music and letting my thought's process naturally. John has helped me before so I had enough faith in him to keep it up. So I went back and forth I think I ended up over a period of time having about 18 sessions. I eventually stopped, and 18 months has passes. It wasn't until today that I was sitting here thinking how wonderful and fulfilled my life is at this moment, how many new friends I have, how I had left my old job that was bringing me down, how well I was doing at my new job, how I felt the best that I have possibly ever felt. Then it hit me. This was NFB doing its job, I was so good at everything I did..I've always been efficient but couldn't maintain it because of the effort it took, but this is done subsonsciously and with little effort it is a process, for me a slow gradual process that was so subtle I didn't even know it was working, and I realised, I am being the best that I can be, and my best is good, and it didn't take any magic pill or any effort to get there all it took was time and the want to be the best that I could be. I would recommend NFB to anyone who isn't getting 100% out of life.
- Jim I came to Neurofeedback as I was suffering from PTSD and stress. Since training with Neurofeedback I have seen a reduction in medication, better sleep, more sociable. The relaxation is very nice.
- Joy I heard about the training and thought it would suit me, as my thinking was from a foggy area in the back of my head. Decisions were hard to make. My thoughts are now clear and I am so much brighter. Life has more meaning and I see more of life. I have been really happy being part of this training!
- Linda T I would describe Neurofeedback as 'massage for the mind' or 'meditation for the terminally lazy'. Personally, I have found Neurofeedback very beneficial and I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial. Neurofeedback doesn't work instantly but I was fortunate enough to have an intensive course after which I did notice a remarkable difference in my sense of well being. This is a great way to deal with the symptoms of stress and, if I was a sales manager, I would be keen to have my staff using Neurofeedback to improve their performance and outcomes. I highly recommend a course of Neurofeedback sessions to anyone wishing to make a positive difference to their quality of life.
- Louise I have found Neurofeedback to be quite a revelation. That fact that one does not need to do anything except sit, relax and listen to music seemed like it was a little 'airy-fairy' initially. However the benefits I have experienced have been unbelievable. Now after having had 12 months of almost weekly sessions, I find that I am calmer, more centred and certainly not as volatile as I once was. Now when faced with difficulties, I am able to step back from the situation, assess it calmly and make a more rational decision as to what the best way is to proceed. My sleep has improved a lot as well and I just feel better. My family have also mentioned a change for the better. "You're more mellow now Mum"...and I think I like the mellow me, it's a good feeling. I don't train with Neurofeedback as often now, but I do find that when I am under considerable stress, one or two 'top up' sessions are all that is needed to keep me functiong well and moving forward.
- Martin H The opportunity to try NeurOptimal Neurofeedback couldn't have come at a better time for me. I was facing an overwhelming crisis in my life and was in a state of contant debilitating stress, fear and anxiety which was also wreaking havoc with my immunce system and health. I was unable to do many regular everyday things due to panic attacks and was barely holding it together. My preoccupation was with just getting through each day and I was more or less constantly in fight or flight survival mode. I will never forget leaving after my first NeurOptimal session with John. I felt like I had just returned from a rejuvenating beach holiday. The difference was so profound and quite astonishing. The depth of peacefullness that I experienced from NeurOptimal was unparalleled. After doing regular training I am now clamer, happier, more confident, healthier, stable and surprisingly more outwardly focused instead of being totall wrapped up in my own problems and survival. I also don't run from my problems or challenges like I used to and instead face them head on. I sleep soundly and my creativity has also noticably improved as has my concentration and capacity for work. We live in such a fast-paced and demanding world and I really think that everyone can benefit from NeurOptimal. In addition, I must add that John is a very competent, kind and caring psychologist and person often going the extra mile providing service and support over and above his normal call of duty.
- Michelle S I have tried NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy, books, seminars, meditation, yoga, counselling€and nothing has given me that inner balance like NeurOptimal Neurofeedback. What a fantastic invention. With the help of Neurofeedback, I now feel able not to just cope, but thrive, regardless of what life throws my way. Gone is the overwhelm, now I have cope-ability. Thanks to NeurOptimal Neurofeedback.
- Rob In my past I was exposed to a lot of difficult circumstances that resulted in me not being able to live my life th way I wanted. I was unhappy a lot of the time and it was always a struggle to achieve my best. Over the years I tried different kinds of therapy and some of these were helpful but I had to keep working hard at using the techniques and trategies I had learnt. I heard about Neurofeedback from someon else who had got a lot out of it and I decided to give it a go. I didn't really understand how it worked and it made no sense to me that I could sit in a chair listening to music that interrupted and get a benefit. At first not much seemed to happen but after a couple of sessions I began to notice changes. These just keep on happening and my life kept on getting better. I am so different now it seems like it was someone else that lived the troubled life. I am happy most of the time, and I don't have to try to make it happen. When there is a problem I deal with it much better and get back to being happy without staying stuck. I am doing much better at nearly everything in my life including relationships with my wife and children. I have done so well at work I am achieving things that I never thought I would be able to and my confidence is really good. What really surprised me is that it was very easy and I didn't need to talk about the same old stuff. Now I never even think of it. I am so please that I did try Neurofeedback it has changed my life.