Non-invasive brain training, that works with the unconscious mind and central nervous system to help the brain return and restore optimal processing.

The NeurOptimal® system is able to record the electrical activity that your brain produces, while at the same time playing normal music through headphones. Within your brains electrical activity, the system is able to detect a perticular type of turbulence. This turbulence is 'less than optimal' processing. So whenever the system picks up this 'less than optimal' or turbulent processing it briefly interrupts the music that it is playing. The brain 'trains itself' or soon learns that the interruption in the music happens straight after its turbulent processing, therefore the brain will auto-correct, or balance, it's processing in an attempt to keep the music continuous. Our brain training reduces the amount of turbulent inefficient processing, and due to this the brain can operate at optimal levels and your life soon reflects the benefits of the optimal processing.

We use Neuroptimal Neurofeedback. This is a highly effective, highly safe, non invasive training. One thing that makes Neuroptimal so safe and effective is that there is no one deciding how your brain should look; pushing and pulling it according to what someone else decides it should look like. Rather than this Neuroptimal gives the information about what your brain is doing, straight to your unconscious mind. Allowing each person’s brain and central nervous system to adjust and reorganise itself the way that works for it, rather than someone else's brain. It allows and assists the natural capacity of the brain to reorganise towards health, personal growth, learning and performance.
A standard session runs for about 55 minutes. With 45 minutes of Neuroptimal training. Children who may have trouble sitting for that amount of time can watch dvd’s rather than listen to music. We have found that within a short amount of time children are able to sit through a session without trouble.

You sit in a comfortable chair and we apply 3 sensors to your ears, and 2 to your head. These sensors allow the neurofeedback system to record the electrical activity that your brain produces. The sensors do not send any information and no manipulation of your brain takes place; they only record what's going on. Then you will wear our headphones or preferably bring your own set of ear-bud type headphones, and you will listen to music of your choice for 45 minutes. As simple as that! You may even fall asleep; you can let your mind wander and daydream, while your brain is being trained to auto-correct itself and process information at an optimal level.

Well, it really does depend, just like physical training, everybody is different. Most people notice a change within themselves after just a couple of sessions, some people don't notice it at all until something happens that would usually cause stress or anxiety, and they don't react like they used to. Between 8 to 10 sessions should have you on the right track, and seeing things totally differently in your life. Another 10 would cement this change. But, if you are anything like us, you'll love it. You'll love having that hour of 'me time' to relax and re-balance yourself, and you may want to continue with training every fortnight or so.

Single sessions are $75. I also have packages available.

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback work directly with the brain and the central nervous system. NeurOptimal monitors a broad EEG spectrum from both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, rather than focusing on content or any particular EEG frequency. There is no professional trying to interpret brain function and directly treat you! It is designed to detect a particular type of turbulence, and this is communicated to the brain in real time via auditory perception and the brain trains itself.

The benefits are wide reaching. You will have an improved ability to process whatever life throws at you. Increased concentration and energy. Mood improvement. Better sleeping and relaxation. Reduced anxiety. Just to name a few.

Morley. Address will be given out when appointment is made. 

Any age! Children can train while watching a movie.

Any appointments missed, or cancelled with less than 24 hour’s notice will be charge 60% of the appointment fee

Please contact me for availability. 

Every day if you wish! We recommend twice a week for the first few weeks (although once a week is sufficient) and then moving to once a week, then eventually once a fortnight, or as necessary

Absolutely. Bring along a USB with your favourite music on it, or let me know what you would like to listen to and I will endeavour to get it for you